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30-09-2017 Blog


I was 28 weeks pregnant when I uttered the optimistic and utterly deranged words, ‘let’s renovate the kitchen’. There really is nothing like a deadline/dreadline to get the interiors motor rolling. Our kitchen ended up being finished exactly 3 hours 49 minutes before our daughter Eve was born and needless to say any ‘nesting’ instincts has been abandoned under a skanky dust sheet and a rusty old skip of stress.


But three months on from splash down and I’m finally starting to see beyond the fine layer of dust that has been etched into every nook and cranny of our abode. It’s time to breathe life into the place again but after investing pretty much all our mullah into these bricks and mortar, our budget isn’t quite as enthusiastic as my reignited nesting instincts.


Cue Homesense, TK Maxx’s brilliant sibling that offers luxe to accessible homewares with savings up to 60%. Think high-end kitchen accoutrements and posh velveteen chaise longues – perfect for being fed peeled grapes upon by some buff youth.


Anyone who has followed me for a while will know of my deep love of TK Maxx – I exited there last week laden with a tub of oversized marshmallows, high-waisted knickers, baby socks and a garden hose nozzle. So imagine my irrepressible excitement hearing there’s a dedicated homewares store? Somewhere to unite all interiors trinkets under one roof?




Armed with £100, I decided to focus my attention on small but perfectly-formed finds to dot about out house. Having nabbed a brilliant coffee table/ kiddie desk (think wrought iron heaviness with an immaculate modern finish) for Mae, I sought out a smaller bedside table that wreaks of achingly cool boutique hotel with a ‘oh this old thing’ casual vibe. We’re talking criss-crossed brass legs with a decadent slab of monochrome marble on top. This top notch piece was made for a paisley print-embellished bone china tea set and a massive packet of chocolate Hob Nobs to sit atop it on a relaxed Sunday.


The Hob Nobs are, as always, ready to go.


I went all in. With an RRP of £250, I got this little interiors nugget for £99.99. (That 1p makes all the difference in any retail decisions I find.) Its not something I’d pay full whack for because it’s not within my DNA to splash out any more than £100 on something that isn’t food.


Alongside this classy addition, I went for two true investment pieces – a posh spud peeler and some ‘investment’ oven gloves. A girl has to live and anyone who has peeled a lot of potatoes with a rubbish, wonky peeler will know what a big deal the former purchase was. My kitchen utensils draw has upped its game and something within me has eased knowing any spud that comes in my path will be tended to efficiently.


But that’s it really, it’s not about having the perfect home, it’s about making life a little bit better/easier/more comfortable. Because when it comes down to it, there really is nothing in life a top-of-the-range potato peeler can’t fix.


This blog post was written in association with Homesense.

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