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She’s the co-founder of Tiba + Marl (think achingly cool nappy bags) and rocks a pair of rainbow-hued Nike Rosherun Flyknits (they look as ace as they sound) like no other. When Anna McDonald’s not redefining maternity/paternity style one covetable bag at a time, she’s texting Lydia Barron – best mate, co-founder and sanity checker. Marc Jacobs better watch his back.

Number of kids?
Two. Raf is two and Miller four months.

Worst mothering moment?
I’m not exactly excelling at potty training. I overdosed my baby on vitamin drops the other day – that sucked.

Best mothering moment?
Every day a beautiful moment will come out of the chaos! My toddler learning to speak and saying bonkers things makes my heart explode. And just looking at my baby, especially when he gives me big gummy smiles makes me so happy and grateful.

Dinner party or play date?
I’d love to say dinner date but between having no babysitter and the baby permanently on my boob, we’re not exactly inundated with invites! Play dates with prosecco is a good compromise!

Home or away?
I love home, which is just as well with having two babies! I used to travel extensively as a buyer, and became blasé and ungrateful about visiting amazing new countries. Obviously now I dream of jetting off to New York, Tokyo or Paris… It’s more like the Isle of Wight nowadays.

Can’t live without…
My boys – all three of them. My Mum, Dad and Sister. Best Friends. Red lipstick. My iPhone – I admit I am addicted. Chocolate – ditto. Game of Thrones. Instagram. Mother’s Meetings. My cat Coco. Big knickers! Moisturiser and hand cream.

Can’t live with…
Crazy saying like ‘on point’ and ‘on fleek’ make my toes curl. Daytime TV.

What’s the last thing you bought?
A Satin Acne bomber jacket, a Cos satin bomber jacket (oops), some amazing Models Own glitter nail varnishes. A pair of 90s-style ‘No name’ canvas chunky heels from Goodhood. Topshop ‘girlfriend jeans’. ‘ASOS White’khaki boiler suit. Rainbow-coloured Nike Rosherun Flyknits. Oh God don’t let the husband see this! In years gone by I would have always had a brand new handbag on this list – but honest to god I only want and need Tiba + Marl bags now – at least that’s one less thing to buy!

Last call?
I text Lydia (my business partner and close friend) a million times a day. I last face timed my Mum only for her to be out and me to be in (on a Saturday night – tragic).

Most pukka thing you own?
2.5 Chanel bag given to me by my husband when he proposed. Oh I suppose my house is pretty pukka – can’t beat having a roof over your head!

Most annoying thing other mother’s say?
Hmm hard one – as I’ve found most Mums mostly say truthful things that perhaps are just exacerbated by extreme exhaustion! I think there is a really strong camaraderie amongst most mothers, so it’s rare to find annoying ones – or maybe I just ignore them.

Mothering is… Love. Pure, simple, natural love – forever. And saying goodbye to lie-ins.

Anna Whitehouse

Founder of Mother Pukka, Anna Whitehouse likes super hero cape-making classes and dislikes the naming of celebrity couples (TomKat, Brange etc.) She tries (and often fails) to parent the shit out of life.



Turns out I’m not an afternoon person either.


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