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She’s a yoga lover, vlogger, blogger and works full time as a branding planning manager at Google. Emma Ross from Mamalina is someone who not only rocks a flower crown like no other but could lift you up when the chips are down. Oh and her face is well nice.

Number of kids?

A one and a half-year-old monkey called Jack.

Worst mothering moment?

Watching my baby dangle on my husband’s back as we hiked up the edge of a mountain in Cape Town.

Best mothering moment?

When Jack was about six months old, and one of my best friends came up to me at a wedding and asked to “borrow” him because the chat on her table had really dried up. Then proceeding to dance the night away, pissed and handing (a very) happy Jack around most of the guests at said wedding.

Dinner party or play date? Dinner party with multiple G & Ts OR a play date with a lot of coffee and outside space.

Home or away? Home, in my home but otherwise away.

Can’t live without… yoga

Can’t live with… rudeness

What’s the last thing you bought?

A brownie from Melrose and Morgan to take to a friends house which I then dropped straight in a puddle.

Last call? To my mother-in-law to see how Jack is doing as she looks after him today.

Most pukka thing you own? Umm… purple velvet Kurt Geiger stilettos (?) Alternatively, I’m really into my vintage green Roberts radio.

Most annoying thing other mother’s say? “It’s not fair on them…” (children)

Mothering is… Fucking amazing, and puts everything into perspective.

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Anna Whitehouse

Founder of Mother Pukka, Anna Whitehouse likes super hero cape-making classes and dislikes the naming of celebrity couples (TomKat, Brange etc.) She tries (and often fails) to parent the shit out of life.



Turns out I’m not an afternoon person either.


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Miscarriage of (in)justice

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