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24-03-2018 Blog


Yesterday my eldest daughter said, “Why did you walk past that man asking for money?” I literally stopped in my tracks because I hadn’t seen anyone and I was amazed that a 4-year-old had the emotional intelligence to question me on it. I didn’t have an answer other than “answering emails on my phone”, which made me feel relatively rubbish on both a parental and humanitarian level.

Whatever your beliefs are about giving money to buskers, there is no denying, the act of giving is, well, a good – nay essential – element of living. Whether that’s giving your seat to an elderly lady, giving your time to someone lost without Google maps or giving money to a charity that lights up your mind/knackered eyes.

But since having two kids, I barely get beyond the brashly-decorated Star Chart on our fridge when it comes to ‘doing good’. Doing good as a knackered mum is mainly focused on what my kids have done that’s ‘good’. A ‘please’ here, a ‘thank you’ there and a clean plate with only a solitary pea remaining.

And so any chance to do good, while doing everything else gets a huge jazz hands emoji from my side.

One of the reasons we switched to TPO (The People’s Operator) Mobile was, to be frank, because we are working with them on a paid basis. But the reason we entered into this partnership wasn’t simply ‘take the job, pay the bills’; this company gives back 10% of your monthly bill to your chosen charity.

So every time I speak to my mum about her pesky bunion, money is going towards Gingerbread – a charity that supports single parents. I can do good without even thinking, which is a magical thing, indeed.

This is not a sim

TPO is super flexible and is priced the same as any other network provider. Ultimately it’s a brand with a purpose – giving people a new, easy way to help fund the causes they care about. This is thoughtless thoughtfulness at its best. Just pick up the phone and fix big issues while fixing small issues: win-win. To check out the largest sim deals, go here. All Mother Pukka followers will get a £5 one-off charity payment to cause chosen by customer if they sign up using this link.

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