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19-05-2017 Blog


I’m not sure why I had such a warped view of motherhood. I assumed it was quite an ethereal experience all in all – gurning babies that smelled of talcum powder and a sense of general completion. There was, perhaps, a white kaftan in my wardrobe for calming measure.

The reality is most days I resemble a mosquito that’s hit a hot light bulb one too many times. Frazzled is the word, not ethereal. I also tend to be embellished by rogue Cheerios, not swathed in white Egyptian cotton. White? What was I thinking?

That’s not to say I’m incomplete or unhappy, it’s more that I need things in my life to help with the lack of control over The Stuff. I need help with my life admin because on most days I find adulting hard. Like, GCSE Russian hard.

Cue Powershop UK, the energy company that gets that things need to be easy for knackered, eye-twitching folk like me. The app is basically there to make buying electricity easy wherever you are – soft play hell or 9-5 commute. How it works? Customers buy electricity in an online shop or mobile app, shopping for discounted specials in bundles (called Powerpacks – feels very Paw Patrol). So you essentially could save dosh by buying your electricity this way.

You can buy as much as you need based on how much you consume. It’s as simple as pressing a button and topping up your electricity to save getting those scary bills at the end of the month that can furrow even the calmest of brows.

In a nutshell, this is the simplest way I’ve found to stay on top of one of life’s basics – energy. For me, it’s one less thing to worry my tiny little frazzled mind with. Power to the mama, indeed.


Power ranger

Each Powerpack comes with information about how long it is expected to last. There are three types of Powerpacks in the shop:

  • Top-up packs – a standard pack that’s always in the shop for everyday savings
  • Future Packs – the option to buy electricity to use later in the year in order to save money during more energy consuming – and money sapping – times
  • Special packs – these are random discounted energy packs designed to encourage customers to keep getting a better deal. Named after special occasions, news events or humorous moments these pop up as alerts from the Powershop UK app.


Within the desktop shop, customers can also pay for energy when it suits them and change their billing date. While many customers regularly log in to the shop and buy Powerpacks, others prefer not to. Those customers who don’t log in as much, or perhaps forget to log in will automatically have their energy topped up at the end of each month, ensuring they remain powered up.


This blog post was written in association with Powershop UK


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