Present tense

14-12-2017 Blog


‘Tis the season to be jolly. Or simply very stressed about everything there is to do and everyone there is to feed. And everyone there is to fill with joy and jolliness with the right present.

We’ve had a long-standing love affair with Amazon. Not only do they stock our book Parenting the Shit out of Life (thanks for all the reviews while I’m here), they also help you fix the ‘joy’ bit in the click of a button. But there are some people in every family that have EVERYTHING or you know will deliver the standard ‘it’s lovely’, while inwardly wincing and wondering how little you know them.

(A particular low was an electric pair of scissors I bought my Uncle Les a few years back. Electric scissors are just a bad idea altogether.)

But that’s where Amazon Shop the Future ramps things up a notch. This is your one-stop-shop for all your innovative tech needs; we’re not talking about things Uncle Les might want now but things he might want in the future. Here expect all the good technologically amazing stuff but with a quirky twist. So I picked up a levitating plant post from Sweden for my sister who is hugely into design and, quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine anyone in their right mind being disappointed with floating foliage.

Instead of the usual primary-coloured tat, we went for a building game for Mae that is set to test mind, little hands and possibly her patience. Either way it’s a winner.

Then it’s me. I tend to buy my own presents. There’s no need for a violin, I’m just less interested in returning things in the greyness of the January sales. This time round I went function over jazzy excitement and got a never-ending phone battery to calm my furrowed brow and stop me swearing in public every time my phone dies.

And there we are. No longer present tense. You are welcome.

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