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24-03-2016 Blog

MP07_5072_crop copyThe minute you embark on project procreation, your style doesn’t suddenly dissolve. Well, it does a bit – I wore some jogging bottoms from 1996 for the best part of six months and found myself standing alone in Tesco clutching a pineapple in a leopard onesie two weeks in. But when you start to come through the maternal fug (let’s call a spade a spade: it’s always gonna be a little fuggy), there’s a whole new world of STUFF. Stuff for mamas, stuff for kids, stuff for your home and stuff to Sellotape your face back together. The good stuff.

This week, we’re loving Tuta Kids and this floral-tastic top (it comes with matching jogging bottoms – power to the flower). And, because it’s nearly Friday, Mae loves a bit of timely branding with this FRIYAY T-shirt from Lennie & Co. The lolly in her mouth is a Swizzle Drumstick. A necessary embellishment.

On my side, I picked up this Folk top in the sale for the mad geometric pattern alone. It goes perfectly with this stonewashed denim River Island skirt, shoes and a couple of Minty Wendy teething bangles (yes, really). This is a bangle that can be drooled over and chewed by your spawn, allowing you the time to hold a conversation together. This is what I mean about a whole new level of STUFF. Oh and this Radley London rucsac is a winner for all the rubbish (moist Haribo sweets, receipts, Sudocrem, mangled nappy and 27 hairbands) I cart about.

In my hand is a Kikki.k notebook. I don’t casually just hang on street corners clutching a notepad, but on this occasion I thought it’s so pretty it deserves a bit of wall-time. I love that it has ‘365’ etched in gold on the front so I’m more aware of time slipping through my limp, exhausted fingers. It’s the notepad equivalent of a caffeine fix – it helps you get shit done.

The stack of rings on my fingers are Accessorise for £12 – I bought three packs because I’m a spiller, a breaker and ultimately a loser – always good to have back-up. Other than that it’s just the urchin and I hangin’ on East London street corners once more. Nothing to see here.

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