Question time

12-08-2015 Blog


Kids aren’t the only one with questions. After three coffees, a sleepless night and a toddler that wants to lick toilets/eat knives/chew on cigarette butts, I’ve got to a few questions to ask.

  • Who decided a weekend was only two days?
  • Why is the word abbreviation so long?
  • Why is it that doctors ‘practice’?
  • How is it only Wednesday?
  • Why doesn’t McDonalds sell hotdogs?
  • Is the word ‘dictionary’ in the dictionary?
  • Why are they called ‘fun size’ Mars Bars when they aren’t that fun?
  • Why does ‘husband’ sound cool and ‘wife’ sound matronly?
  • Why hasn’t someone invented a get-baby-to-sleep-through-the-night device?
  • How can we split atoms and not get people to places (Paddington station last Friday night, I’m talking to you)?
  • How is it only Wednesday?
  • Is it Wednesday?

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