Rock ‘n’ stroll

01-06-2016 Blog


Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka, photographed with daughter Mae "The Urchin" in Shoreditch.


I grew up in the 80s when anything graffitied was for ‘hooligans’ and tattoos equaled ‘trouble’. But having moved to East London recently with my husband, Matt and daughter, Mae, I’m delighted to say we live among graffitied walls, are friends with the tattooed and we are neither hooligans nor particular trouble – we gloss over the shop lifting of a fizzy cola bottle when I was nine.

So to come across a stroller that’s not judgmental equalled happy days. The Bugaboo by Diesel Rock collection is for parents whose identity hasn’t dissolved the minute project procreation launched. If you liked whiling away the early hours to a grungy band in a London sweat pit before you had your kid, the chances are that hasn’t changed.

Translate that to your kid’s stroller and you’ve got the idea. Everything from the wax-coated fabric of this special edition Bugaboo Bee3 to the studs on the canopy and ‘Only the Brave’ patches is pure rock ‘n’ stroll.

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