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30-07-2018 Blog

We are at the beginning of the school summer holidays. We are feeling relatively fresh and full of a few entertainment ideas. We are excited about this precious time outside of the shackles of the curriculum. Once that inevitably passes, you will need some ideas for entertaining the troops that won’t break the bank. As part of our #pukkafreestuff series, the brilliant Sally Webb, founder of Milk at the Museum  (a blog that gets you out of the house and doing fun things with the kids) shares her top London spots that will keep them schtum and won’t leave you penniless



Tate Britain: Become an Artist

Let your child run free round the main gallery and get drawn into art and make believe as modern art and kings and queens surround you.  The 1840 display is my absolute favourite where you can find an easel, pen and paper for your child to get creative and let their imaginations run wild. In addition to that, go on the hunt for Anthea Hamilton’s The Squash, a solo performer dressed in a squash like costume.  This is running until 7th October and I can guarantee it will have the kids in a total trance giving you that all important 5 minutes to breathe.

Horniman: Head to the Farm

Want a bit of farm action with a stuffed walrus, child friendly exhibitions and picnic areas to boot.  Well head on over to the Horniman Museum and Gardens and check out their Animal Walk where you can catch up with Alpacas, Goats, Sheep, Guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens to name a few.

Museum of Childhood: Baby Sensory

The Museum of Childhood is basically free baby sensory with a stack load of retro toys thrown in for good measure.  You have the sensory pod with colour changing lights to mesmerize the little ones, the gated baby area with flowers that light up, rocking horses, fancy dress, games, dolls houses and a sandpit!  Not to mention the free storytelling and arts and crafts sessions on daily.  A total winner!

V&A: Splash pool

Who wants a leisure centre when you’ve got the lush V&A paddling pool with the most stunning surroundings in the courtyard garden.  I know where I would rather be.  While you’re there head on over to one of the most breathtaking cafes just past the paddling pool and nip to the ladies loos, you will feel like a Queen for at least 10 minutes.  The most pleasant child friendly toilets I have ever seen!

National Maritime Museum: Become an Explorer

There is nothing like a mahoosive Great Map to keep your little ones entertained for half an hour.  This giant atlas, located on the first floor, allows your kiddies to go exploring on seas and land.  Watch their imaginations come alive as they become pirates, sailors and mermaids.  Also very conveniently located next to the café for our tired legs!  While you’re there check out the All Hands interactive gallery.  This is aimed at 6 to 12 year olds but my toddlers loved it, and the Childrens Gallery for 0-7’s.

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