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06-04-2018 Blog

I think it’s too late for me. I grew up in the 80s – an era when my Dad used to douse himself in olive oil and fry up a good tan on holiday in Corfu. SPF and UVA were unknown words back then, and I couldn’t tell you what they used on me. I think in those days SPF 6 was considered solid protection and I’m just preying I am the one person in the world who magically de-ages. 36, going on 24 would be a magical state of decline.
But in all seriousness, it’s not a case of slapping a bit of old SPF on and chucking the kids onto the beach a la 1987.  Freakily, if your suncream contains less than a 5* UVA rating, you are exposing your familial team to damage that is unseen but is as permanent as a tattoo. Like, a huge, spotty irreversible tattoo across your face and body – across your children’s face and body. This is something – as a parent who isn’t keen on deep fat frying her family – I’m keen to stay on top of.
Basically when it comes to protecting your family, you’re either doing it or you aren’t – there’s no half-way house when it comes to UVA rating. It’s 5* or irrelevant. Boots Soltan is the only brand that offers 5* UVA rating across its entire range, so you know there won’t be a nook left uncovered. You know you won’t be left with sun damage for simply not slapping the right sunscreen on. Note, sunscreen NOT olive oil.
This blog post was written in partnership with Boots Soltan #BeCertainWithSoltan @BootsUK
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