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The mum jean. That high-waisted, crotch-ruffling, saggy-bottomed trew. In my mind it’s something I could pull off. In reality I end up looking like I’ve borrowed my granddads painting/DIY jeans – complete with post-Sunday lunch paunch. While it looks stellar on the right person (mainly – and solely – Alexa Chung), it’s not a kindly silhouette, which makes me wonder why it’s been lumped with the ‘mum’ tag.


Probably because mums are daggy, saggy, naggy and sometimes a bit haggy. Well, that’s been how the media seems to have shoe-boxed us over the years. From gargantuan maternity tent dresses in the 60s to paisley unflattering frocks in the 80s, a mother’s style has not been pegged up there with Versace’s all-in-one gold jumpsuits.


No, to be a mum you have obviously had some form of style lobotomy. To counter this misconception and to push back against this routinely-Weetabix-smattered image of ‘us’, here’s my thoughts on styling it out like a mum for Boden:


On mum 

I think this a question of confidence. Before, mums were branded as lacking in confidence – dressing a certain way, that mum uniform of baggy shirts and leggings – but it was the media branding us in that way. And shops thinking Dzoh we won’t bother with them. Now I think mums are confident – mums are starting to think this is what I look like. I’m doing it my way. That’s what mum needs to mean – confidence, doing it your way.


On styling it out like a mum 

I’ve tried to keep my wardrobe the same in terms of colour, style. But obviously there’s been adjustments. I’ve got to be able to get my boob out. It’s a question of practicality + personality. You know, I can’t be in stilettoes in the playground – but I still own stilettos. Gosh that makes me sound ninety. I still have my heels for when I go out with my friends.


On getting ready 

I don’t miss it, actually. It was such a waste of time. Now I use my downtime in the evenings to actually relax. That time I used to spend on make-up was wasted – you know my hair used to be poker straight. And styled within an inch of its life. Now it’s a massive eighties bouffant – and people keep on saying how much happier I look.


On being a supermum 

Before I had kids, I had the fear that I would become a bit grey. Not necessarily in aesthetics, but in confidence. But since becoming a mum I’ve realised the reverse – I can pick pasta off a floor whilst following a podcast, whilst breastfeeding whilst shouting at my husband to take the bins out. If you can do more than an octopus can do, then you’re doing alright.


On being a new mum 

I think for new mums reclaiming their confidence and identity, it starts with laughing. This is where it started with me – laughing at myself. Going into a changing room and laughing at my saggy bits. The minute you start laughing, your entire face lifts. That changed how I dressed and looked – it all started with laughter.


On feeling like a mum 

Do I feel like a mum? I feel like a woman. A woman who happens to be a mum.


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