Summer Swimmers

01-09-2019 Blog

AD| The holidays are here, and that means kids in pools, so Huggies® Little Swimmers® asked for our top tips for a warm-up dunk down your local leisure centre

The Little Swimmers: regular nappies can become an anchor in a pool, but Huggies® Little Swimmers® have stretchy side panels to stay light and still keep the bad stuff secure. Also: Finding Dory is on them, which brings me about as much joy as it does the toddler.

The Onesie: ease of access (and exit) is key here. You may have several children shivering from the cold or jumping with excitement, so the sooner you can get into or out of your swimsuit and past that pokey cubicle the better.

The Flip Flop: no laces, no stress. Just kick them off and rescue your toddler from the locker.

The Snacks: you know this already, but never leave the house without snacks. You can eat the best ones when they’re not looking. 

The Quid: I’ve done it many times before. Kids ready, me ready, pound for the locker nowhere to be found, which means running the gauntlet of the pre-dip shower area with all your dry gear under your arm. Never forget your locker money.

And now you’re ready to go.

We’ve teamed up with Huggies® Little Swimmers® so you can get a free kids’ swimming lesson before you head off on your holidays. Whether you’re going to Bali or Bognor, or if you’re just looking for a fun family day out in the summer break. Follow this link to claim your lesson with Turtle Tots near you.

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