‘Tis the season

04-11-2017 Blog

© Sam Mellish 2017

© Sam Mellish 2017

Christmas Eve last year was traumatic. My mum’s fondue set from 1964 blew up in spectacular style – luckily not harming anyone in the surrounding domain. It was traumatic on two levels: 1) We’ve bizarrely been troughing fondue every Christmas Eve since I can remember my first word and it meant we had to opt for something less exotic – but equally triumphant – like a cheese and pickle sandwich. 2) My mum’s nonchalance at the mild domestic explosion – “Oh I’ve been meaning to replace it”. You think?

But regardless of any melted cheese-related incidents, Christmas Eve is possibly my favourite time of the festive season. You are at the start of the scoffing race; there’s an onslaught of turkey and pigs in blankets awaiting your fork. But it’s the anticipation of what’s ahead that gets me. Especially now Mae is in the thick of the excitement around Father Christmas/the Easter bunny/ Tooth Fairy/ Gerald the cat. (I made the latter up as a celebratory day to look forward to when she started listening to me. We are still awaiting.)

More than anything it’s a time to down tools, to officially edge into the comfy M&S PJs for approximately four days without remorse, look people in the eye and know that you are going to fall out spectacularly with at least one member of your family over a frenzied game of Pictionary.

Last year I didn’t speak to my sister for five hours after she failed to perform the charade of ‘Sister Act’. I was right beside her. All the obvious prompts were there but she stalled and my folks went in for the win. Testing festive times.

Now Mae is hitting Peak Christmas Enjoyment, it’s really about recreating my favourite traditions. Although we put a potato out for Rudolf last year because she wasn’t sure he “liked carrot”. I didn’t have it in me to argue so that red-nosed reindeer had to accept an inferior legume.

Either way, ‘tis the season to be jolly and take cover if your tradition centres around fondue paraphernalia from 1964.

To see the full Christmas Eve pj shoot click here. This blog post was written in association with M&S #MyMarks

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