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On Monday night I got touched up by the film director Sharon Maguire. It was everything I’d hoped for and more as she went in for the full cup of the bump and, then surprisingly, the boob. My kind of woman.


But why were we jiggling about merrily on a Monday night? Well, Sharon is the director of Bridget Jones’s Baby (available now on digital download) and I’m having a baby, so we felt there was some bizarre but wondrous crossover right there. Reason enough for a fumble in public, even.


Alongside talking sprogs and all the banal paraphernalia that comes with them, she was up for telling us about everything from Colin’s peachy buns to her own love of people who ‘aren’t dicks’. (Tick two in the ‘my kind of woman’ books.)


I think, perhaps, my favourite part of the evening was her genuine joy when I revealed my parents had unearthed a ‘latecomers’ deal to watch the film at the Milton Keynes Odeon for £3 (coffee and biscuits included) a person. My folks went to watch this film that their mates Jenny and Les had claimed was ‘the funniest thing they’d seen last year’ the same day I snuggled up with Sharon. I loved that Jenny and Les’s review genuinely raised a proud smile from Sharon – the lady genuinely cares about those who aren’t just wafting up the red carpet.


She also has the sort of twinkle in her eye that nods towards ‘a night that could go anywhere’, making it easy to understand why Bridget Jones has become so mega. The bits that make you laugh until you snort Pepsi out of your nose and scatter the popcorn everywhere (there’s always a rogue kernel in the cleavage) are there because Sharon finds them funny. The entire film is laced with this quintessential British humour that manages to cross over seamlessly to our American friends – rare when it comes to comedy.


While I don’t want to ruin the storyline (our Bridge pops a sprog out with wetting-yourself-laughing moments of procreation/ ‘who’s the daddy’ confusion along the way), this is one of those releases that will transport another manic Monday into what feels like an Aperol spritz-fuelled Friday.


Well, not for me, I’m actually having a baby. I’ll just have to settle for a cheeky cup and squeeze from the director and snorting Pepsi through my snoz laughing.

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The DVD is out on Monday January 30th

This is the first chance for Bridget fans to watch the film post cinematic release plus with instant download you can keep the film on up to five different devices. What’s more, fans of Bridget can also watch the download wherever and whenever – be it on your tablet during your commute to and from work, on your phone whilst in bed or in the comfort of your living room via your Smart TV. WHERE YOU CAN PURCHASE BRIDGET JONES’S BABY AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD:


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