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Anna from Mother Pukka, with her daughter Mae, in Shoreditch. Photographed outside the Splice TV building painted by Camille Walala.

Having been vaguely parenting for two years now, I’ve noticed a few trends pop up in playgrounds and soft play receptacles. From the trusty Breton stripe to a slick of red lipstick, here’s motherhood style decoded for new app Mush

The Breton top

She’s safe, she’s versatile and she says might-be-a-bit-posh-or-am-I-hipster? Equally available in TK Maxx and Stella McCartney, she’s not threatening and a nautical safe house for attracting all kinds of Mum mates. The joy of the Breton top is she is elusive in her approach and doesn’t isolate any group, so if in doubt get yer Breton out.

Mac’s Lady Danger lipstick

If you’re slathering on this pillar box-red lippy for the playground, you’re not looking to welcome everyone into the nook. A slick of red lipstick pre-12pm is the equivalent of cracking open the frizzante after brekkie on holiday. Essentially, it’s a great idea but not everyone will approve.

The Alexa Chung trench

This is a tricky one. It says M&S middle class stalwart, but also throws Primrose Hill fashion spawn Chung into the mix. It’s a tale of two halves and one that will most likely divide your potential mama troupe: the ones who missed the Chung boat and are quietly seething beneath their Boden equivalent or those who don’t understand why you keep mentioning The Chung. What is this Chung?

The dungaree

While they might isolate close family members (“darling, why are you dressed as a Minion?”), the dunagree is fast becoming the style common denominator across motherhood. Perfect for wapping a bap out to breastfeed, the dungaree says you’re breezy, playful and probably a really good person. If the dungaree was an actual person it would be Holly Willoughby. Or, on a darker day when embellished with Petit Filous, it might be Jason Donovan circa 1993 when his boy-next-door image started to edge into boozy territory.

The Mother Tee

Whether you’re a eco warrior, yoga bunny, gin mummy, mum boss or mum-don’t-give-a-toss, the Selfish Mother Tee is the fashwan Sellotape holding us all together. It is motherhood style mecca; an item that not only does good (profits go to Women for women) but cuts through all the ‘tribal/ squad’ stuff that’s farted out every day. The Mother Tee is everything we are; hardworking, goes-with-anything and will take you seamlessly from day to night. (But not in a nightclub way; more a make-the-sleep-sheep-stop way).

Anna Whitehouse

Founder of Mother Pukka, Anna Whitehouse likes super hero cape-making classes and dislikes the naming of celebrity couples (TomKat, Brange etc.) She tries (and often fails) to parent the shit out of life.



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