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When I was a young ‘un, I’d chuck money at the situation willy nilly. The less I had, the more I’d spend in some warped carefree financial realm. But now, I’m all over that bargain bin in Tesco like a tramp on hot chips and I guard those purse strings like a rabid terrier. The reason? I care about my kid having a roof and stuff… Oh parenthood there you are making us all better people once more.

So hurrah for GoSend. Prior to this natty little website, anything I was buying in the US was, like, loads more money that it should have been. They not only change prices on us, but also cut down their product catalogues significantly to shoppers outside the US. Plus, they don’t share with us the huge sales and deals going on at their stores that US shoppers have access to all the time. No frickin’ way… who are these people, you ask?

So I gave a go, ordered some ace Kate Spade plates (so grown-up) from Macy’s and saved a bit of cash on the way.

Here’s some deets on my GoSend experience:

–  So rather handily they offer two membership services: a free version and a £6 per month version which is SO worth it because of the big discounts. Like, properly worthwhile cash saving here.

–    When you go to checkout, they give you a US address. In short this means you don’t get charged all that nasty tax. Win-win.

–    I was also all over GoSend’s ShopAssist service like a nappy rash. Consider this your own personal concierge shopper who goes out and buys anything you fancy. Yes, really. This is all kinds of great for retailers that don’t accept foreign credit cards or let UKshoppers like us even buy from them. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

–    Oh and they have a staff whose sole job is to find all the best deals that week at places like MAC, ULTA, ColourPop, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, and Bath and Body Works. What I didn’t realize is that most good deals stay within the US… so this bypasses that.

Once my plates arrived at my GoSend Locker address, I got an email from them with photos of every product I bought so I could make sure everything was OK – what a nice lil’ touch. All plates were present and correct!

Total amount saved? £37. Yep, that’s maybe not a roof, but it’s a tile and every one of those puppies counts.

Free stuff!

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