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28-11-2017 Blog


Evie is exactly 154 days old, which seems so fresh and new still. Matt said to me the other day “she’s done nothing wrong yet” (mainly because her main cognitive functions are still warming up). But I look at her peachy unsullied face/mind/bottom (the latter is unless it’s a code red nappy situation) and I just don’t want to world to tarnish her in any way.

I find myself staring at her in wild-eyed amazement that she’s actually here and seem somewhat blind/ deaf to her hollering and mewling because in my maternal mind – that went through the ringer to actually have her – I’ve cashed in the golden ticket. How Evie feels about me gurning away in her face is another matter. It’s possibly a bit creepy but hey, I’ll take the risk because her face is pretty much better than anything else I clap eyes on in a day. (Other than Mae’s of course – unless she’s hollering at me for the “blue spoon to go with the blue plate. NO not that blue spoon.”).

But while I used whatever came to hand in the supermarket with Mae. (I was so tired and mildly suffering from Postnatal Depression so her even having a nappy on seemed like a win.) This time round I’ve only used coconut oil on Evie’s skin because she was pretty sensitive to anything else out there

Cue Huggies Pure Wipes. Unlike some wipes, these baby bum saviours are made with natural absorbent fibres* and 99% pure water. Evie’s little peaches are sensitive and these wipes gently clean and offer up a topnotch wipe that won’t leave you raking through a packet in a flash.

Without , phenoxyethanol, parabens and perfume, these are the only wipes I’ve used on her little soggy bottom since day one. We’re now on Day 154. Oh how time flies when you are wiping the shit out of life.

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*65% pulp

This blog post was written in association with Huggies #HappySkinHappyBaby


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