Seeing is believing

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I’m blind as a bat – even more so since being pregnant. Who knew having kids would affect your eyesight too? Motherhood really is the gift that keeps on giving.

But the one thing I have learned to do through having two kids is to multitask. I can put mascara on while making fish fingers, chips and peas without batting an eyelid. I can breastfeed one kid while doing a bespoke finger puppet show for the other without breaking into a sweat. And I can wade through work emails at a rate of knots while singing the wheels on the bus go round and round. They really do go round and round and round.

But I do seek out hardworking products that help me ease through the parental day – from waterproof mascara to save the dreaded panda eye at 3pm to ‘active’ wear (the irony is not lost) that makes me feel like I might go to the gym when, in fact, I tend to be lurking in the Sainsbury’s snack aisle.

Then there’s my glasses teamed with Transitions – the ultimate vision multitasker; Visionary in many ways. It’s simple – when inside they’re your glasses that simply help you see better. Job done. Outside the lenses magically transform into sunglasses so you can see AND beat the glare. Even more they offer 100% UV protection at all times, in addition to blue light, leaving your knackered peepers in a happy place.

Choosing the glasses was simple; I went for the Sapphire lenses because I wear a lot of denim and prefer a blue hue next to my often over-fake-tanned skin. I also went with this colour because my frames are pretty heavy – think media person-meets-Velma-from-Scooby-Doo – and needed a lens that didn’t contrast too much with them.

The reality is, I don’t have time to eat a piece of toast most the mornings most days, let alone rummage around in my bag every time I edge inside or outside, so my glasses need to be multitasking in their approach. With four Style Colours, including Sapphire – amethyst emerald and amber are the other options – these natty lenses are designed to make your peepers look good and your life a little bit easier.

Whether you’re wading through the inbox of doom or sunning yourself in a kiddie sandpit, seeing truly is believing.

This post was written in association with Transitions. AD


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