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31-10-2016 Blog


Halloween: Out of all 365 days, it’s the pinnacle of my year – even though Matt (@papa_pukka) resists. Last year I went as a blood-thirsty David Cameron zombie while Matt went as, well, Matt.


But pushing the boundaries of scaring (and my relationship) is essential for (my) happiness levels. When days merge into each other, Halloween is truly the time to shine. Cue Hive. In a nutshell, it’s all your home appliances united on your phone. So, like, you can turn up the heating while you are doing the weekly Tesco shop.


Once set-up (and it’s a seamless process involving a quick visit from British Gas, some plugs and pressing a few buttons on your phone), you’re ready to go. To clarify seamless: I struggle working a pencil sharpener and I managed this. You’re all good.


So to up the fear factor, we went with some colourful Hive Active Lights that allow you to deliver all hues of the rainbow with a simple tap of your phone. That, I felt, was a solid place to start in freaking Matt out as he beavered away on his laptop downstairs.


I was upstairs raking through the colours of the rainbow as the poor poppet looked bewildered downstairs. He wasn’t suitably scared, though. So I had to up the ante with the assistance of a Hive Smart Plug that I’d linked up to the TV.


With Horror Film Child’s Play already set-up, I pressed ‘ON’ from my phone and that scene where Chucky comes to life sans batteries and freaks the lady out went full volume. Finally, we had something. Finally, I’d triumphed over last year’s lacklustre David Cameron efforts. Finally Matt has reluctantly succumbed to Halloween.


Get your freak on, indeed.



Home time

Other than Halloween, Hive is not just a one-day-wonder. When I’m freezing my norks off in the park with Mae (who is fine because she’s belting around the place), being able to simply press a button and pop the heating on remotely is a happy place. Then there are the can’t-be-arsed-to-stand-up-and-switch-on-lights-moments. Essentially we’re talking calorie-saving here. Finally, we’re having some mates of Mae round next weekend and to be the family that has ‘rainbow lights’ is going to put us into impressive adulating realms. It’s actually all worth it for being down with the kids.

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