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19-04-2017 Blog



How do you get through the day? I’m not sure who’s asking but I’m telling: my life is an absolute shambles, peppered with varying levels of caffeine (depending on shut-eye) and a lot of beauty products to paper over the maternal cracks. I’ve tried things like iCalendar (sorry Grandma for putting in the wrong birthday date), I’ve gone old school with a Rolodex (the divine purple leopard print exterior was distracting), but now I’ve gone even further back into the Dark Ages with a simple pen and paper. I write stuff down and tick it off and then start again the next day.


Yes, I am, in many ways, going backwards in my multitasking, organizational approach.


I’m the one who prefers a Nokia brick over the latest smart phone. I have stacks of records over loads of downloads and I am willing the portable CD player to make a dramatic comeback. (Along with H from Steps). Sometimes the simple things work and included in that is downtime; something that’s easy to say but harder to do.


My husband calls it ‘special time’, which makes it sound dodgier than it is. I’m basically – at 8 months pregnant – stewing in the bath like a knocked-up whale listening to Desert Island Discs with some sort of facial condiment slathered across my chops. It confuses Matt, so he just leaves me to it with an occasional: “you OK in there?”. But without that half hour to gently unravel my caffeinated thoughts I’d be on par with a frazzled vole at this point.


Multi-masking is, indeed, the new multi-tasking. You can’t just expect mind, body and soul to keep chuntering on without a bit of respite from the daily life storm. Stewing in a hot bath resembling a terrifying character from Monsters Inc. is, indeed, my only way to keep the thoughts clear and the ‘to do’ list in check.


My glow-to (yep, actually did that) is GLAMGLOW. While I love a nice relaxing face mask, I’m all about stuff that actually works. (And no, this isn’t a forced ‘#ad’; I got sent the product when I worked at Grazia and have been a firm advocate ever since). Y’see, there’s no point just lathering up your face with product if you look just as knackered post-soak. There’s six masks to choose from that do more than just paper over the cracks; they fix the cracks and leave you looking, perhaps, not 10 years younger but definitely 10 weeks younger.


Whether you are a gym or gin bunny, cupcake maker or cocktail shaker, working from home or working away, boob feeding, bottle feeding, Instagram feeding, we all need to sometimes take a break before we actually break.


If in doubt, glow with the flow.



[BOX] It’s all about you

Fancy joining me to hear more about multi-tasking and multi-masking? Come along to the GLAMGLOW London pop-up store on the evening of 10 May from 6-8 pm and help me celebrate my birthday while getting lots of cool freebies, including three samples of the various muds, 20 percent off of the products on the night, a bounceback card giving 20 percent off online following the event, skincare consultation on the evening, canapes and Prosecco. The pop-up is there for three weeks (there’s a dedicated ‘Mud Bar’) so if you can’t make the 10th, head on down anytime. Glow on.


The event is free but only available to the first 40 (maximum 2 tickets per person) of you who click this link here.


This blog post was written in partnership with GLAMGLOW

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