Michael Moore interview

25-08-2018 Blog

I got to fulfil two small dreams recently: firstly, meeting Michael Moore and secondly, doing that serious nodding face that film journalists do when conducting interviews.

I had about five minutes in a small hotel room, my slot wedged between Adam Boulton from Sky News and a reporter from Reuters, neither of whom seemed entirely clear what a Mother Pukka was, and why one would be there.

But we’re getting to a stage now where Mae occasionally sees the news and starts asking questions, so I asked Moore how he thinks we can explain the world’s ills to small children.

He was in London to promote his new film, Fahrenheit 11/9, which I found to be equally tragic, rage-inducing and depressing but also uplifting a tiny bit hopeful and worth the time of anyone interested in the state of America. It considers how Trump got to power, how the Democrats were complicit, and what can be done next.

You can watch the trailer at www.fahrenheit119.com.

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