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It’s such a relief that you can finally succumb to screen time over Christmas. We’re not talking a light bit of iPad here or there; it’s about becoming fully at ‘one’ with your sofa with a relentless slew of Quality Street peppering your festive enjoyment. But when the sitting gets too tough, just edge your (and your families) derrières to your nearest Vue cinema, load up the popcorn (arguably a health food; possibly one of your five a day) and go full screen. Here’s our guide to the festive films that make the cut at Pukka HQ:
It’s a Wonderful Life
It’s obvious, sure, but anyone who doesn’t unburden a year’s worth of emotion/tears in this film is made of stone. Deep life lessons about being satisfied with your lot? Done. Winter wonderland-sequel scenes that have you almost whiffing the pine and clementine in the air? This is the hog roast of Christmas films – loved by all and there’s enough substance for everybody. I am weeping this very minute thinking of watching this with Mae for the first time; Heartwarming familial times.
Finally a film that puts those loveable 80s characters back on the map, instead of people assuming it’s someone lurking with bad intent on Twitter. Having grown up in the 80s with a sole purpose of owning an entire clan of these knobbly neon-haired characters, this is a big one to tick off the list before 2017 hits. In many ways I see this as an education for Mae. “When Mama was a headbraced girl…”. Bonus ball: adults pay kiddie prices at all Vue Cinemas until 6 Jan. Win-win. Let’s redefine ‘trolling’, team.
Home Alone 2
I’ll be honest, I’ve ruined the original Home Alone for myself by watching it 9,456 times. It’s like Groundhog Day watching it now and so I’ve had to edge towards it’s equally brilliant follow-up. This was just before MacCaulay Culkin started going a little off piste and a reminder to hold your family close and, like get on the right plane. It’s also a divine journey through New York at Christmas. We’re on viewing 1,345, so hopefully this one can stay on the list for another year.
Literally anything Disney
Whether you have a penchant for the cantankerous warthog Pumba or can’t wait to see Aladdin’s Whole New World, if it’s Disney, it’s going on the box at Christmas. But if you’re getting cabin fever with the clan (and they’ve got bored of their presents; standard), stretch the pins and check out Moana at Vue Cinemas over the festive period. An adventure about a spirited teenager? Who meets a Demi-God Maui? Together they traverse the open ocean? What’s not to love? Oh and adults pay kiddie prices until January 6th. Y’are welcome.
Bad Santa
I know not one strictly for ‘all’ the family (Billy Bob Thornton is a sex-crazed, alcoholic Santa). But sometimes you just need a lil downtime when the E-colour-fuelled toddlers have finally hit the sack and the sherry is merrily chirping to you from the decanter. Bad Santa is so bad it’s genuinely really good and offers perfect respite from all the festive jazz hands required of the season (and the Great Aunty Janet’s you need to tend to). Have a good one team and see you on the other side.
This content was written in association with Vue Cinemas. Until January 6th, adults pay kid prices if you ask for the family ticket at the kiosk. Visit for more information. AD.

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