True lies

11-03-2017 Blog

Claudia Winkleman stars alongside the Scummy Mummies and Mother Pukka to confess parenting fibs ahead of Big Little Lies (2)

If you haven’t threatened to call Father Christmas/ The Easter Bunny/ The Tooth Fairy at least 3,456 times to inform them of ‘bad behaviour’, then are you even a parent?

Sure, we all tell our children that lying is bad, but sometimes we need to tell little white lies every now and then and that’s ok. In many ways, it’s just survival. For example, on the dreaded ‘silent’ train carriage, I have impressed on Mae there’s a word count of 5o for the journey. She can’t really count so we start about 48, which gives her two words to play with. She takes to this game like a dog to a bone – that’s a parental win, no? True lies, perhaps.

So to celebrate chucking a few porkies out there and ahead of the new show Big Little Lies launching to NOW TV on Monday 13th March, I’ve teamed up with NOW TV and starred in a hilarious video alongside Claudia Winkleman and the Scummy Mummies to confess our most favoured little white lies.

Just love these chicks for their all-out honesty and for offering up some humorous light in what we all know is a parental storm. To check out my favoured lie/parent win, check out the video below. Away with the guilt team, and here’s to survival of the fittest (or, perhaps, shittest?)






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