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19-10-2017 Blog


IMG_8049.JPGIt was 1.46pm on an average Tuesday. I had ventured to London’s Tate Modern gallery with both kids. The aim was to immerse myself in art and educate Mae and Eve at the same time. In my head it was to be one of those experiences that is cemented in Mae’s mind, spurring her on in her artistic endeavours.


The reality was 3-month-old Eve delivered a code red nappy situation and I was left kneeling on the floor of this achingly artistic sphere, desperately trying to explain to the security guards “it’s too late to go to the nappy changing facility” as bespectacled folk looked on aghast.


It was at this moment that Mae hollered “Mama you didn’t pay for that Mars Bar” and I also realised I didn’t have a change of clothes for Eve. I further removed my shoes and socks, slipped my moist, glittery hosiery onto Eve’s bare legs, popped my shoes back on and triumphantly strode out in the direction of an ice cream van to put an end to the last 47 minutes of sheer awkwardness.


But I made it through and I’m not alone in attempting to laugh through the parental madness. According to a recent poll by Pukka Pies (I would love to call it The Pukka Pies Mother Pukka Poll for alliteration purposes alone) nine out of ten of us are able to laugh at the awkward moments that unfurl while on parental duty.


Apparently we field one awkward moment every three days. That’s 132 every year. From Mae saying “Mama has a spiky hoo ha” in the tinned goods aisle of Tesco through to the moment when she pointed to a woman at the Post Office and said “Shrek”, there’s a new challenge around every corner.


But one of the main reasons I set this blog up is to laugh more than I cry. The common denominator across parenthood is laughter – to see the light in those moments when all you want to do is hide under a rock after your toddler has pointed to a lady who “looks like Bog Bird”. To see the light and to sit down at the end of the day with your family and think, “yep, I was bare foot in the Tate Modern today, arm-deep in nappy.”


Pukka, indeed.


Everything’s Pukka

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