Anna Whitehouse, Author at Mother PukkaFor people who happen to be parents.

Anna Whitehouse

Founder of Mother Pukka, Anna Whitehouse likes super hero cape-making classes and dislikes the naming of celebrity couples (TomKat, Brange etc.) She tries (and often fails) to parent the shit out of life.

Mother Pukka


Baby brains

The mental health of babies is too easily overlooked, writes Sally Hogg of the Parent Infant… more ›


Work to death

The focus of Flex Appeal – a campaign to push for flexible working for all in… more ›


Going Dutch

Amsterdam daily Het Parool recently ran a feature on flex appeal, and how we’re trying to bring a little Dutch touch to working lives in the UK. Here’s the translation…


Beauty is in the eye

*First published by Soho House group*. Author of Sunday Times Bestselling book Parenting The Shit Out… more ›


AD | No age limit

This blog post is an advertisement in association with EDF Energy and Howz. My mum went… more ›


Flex Appeal: ADHD

Flexible working is not about parents, it’s about people. People with needs that don’t fit into… more ›


Oh mother

Anywhere that leads it’s Afternoon Tea with a champagne trolley gets an immediate thumbs up. In… more ›


Mini (mini) break

The thought of bringing a weaning toddler into 5-star plush luxury realms is enough to ignite… more ›

Karcher cleaning


A clean sweep

I remember the first passive aggressive muttering about my tidiness. We’d been together for three weeks… more ›


Specs appeal

Back in the day, when I was a youth, I would never even have considered edging… more ›


Let me entertain you

Kids going off the walls? As part of our #pukkafreestuff series, Susie Lodge, founder of… more ›


Luxe be a lady

The last time I visited The Connaught was in 2008 for a feature in Grazia Magazine.… more ›


School’s out

We are at the beginning of the school summer holidays. We are feeling relatively fresh and… more ›


Love island

Just before I get stuck in, I want to preface this with a dollop of transparency:… more ›


Private: No access

I’ve just uploaded a photo of myself nuzzling my 10-month-old daughter to Instagram where I have… more ›


And breathe…

This week’s blog competition is to win a spot on an &Breathe retreat worth £2,200. To WIN… more ›


Soft play, hard talk

Very excited to announce the launch of our first FREE non-panel, non-networking event. This event is… more ›


Screen time

I think it’s too late for me. I grew up in the 80s – an era… more ›


Share the care

The one question that keeps coming up here is, ‘what’s Matt [my husband] doing?’ From my… more ›


Phone a friend

Yesterday my eldest daughter said, “Why did you walk past that man asking for money?” I… more ›

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Turns out I’m not an afternoon person either.

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Mother Pukka is a portal for news, events, reviews and honest comment for people who happen to be parents.

A journalist, editor and mother in search of pukka things for her kid, founder Anna Whitehouse previously worked as the Vice Editor at Time Out Amsterdam before writing about shoes and handbags for fashion labels SuperTrash and Tommy Hilfiger.

Looking for a change of pace, she recently returned to London and now works as a writer at Shortlist Media. Likes: super hero cape-making classes. Dislikes: the naming of celebrity couples (TomKat, Bennifer, Brange etc.)

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